The Filipino Holiday Feast

Big on every Filipino family’s calendar are the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and all the days in between.
For the midnight meals, Media Noche on Christmas Eve and Noche Buena on New Year’s, there will be Christmas ham or pork barbecue and lumpiang shanghai and pancit or spaghetti. Spaghetti carbonara has gained popularity over the more traditional Bolognese of late.
Also, there would usually be a selection of kakanins – puto bumbongbibingka, and a variety of sticky sumans. The soft and cheesy ensaymada will also be on the table. Queso de bola, a ball-shaped Edam cheese, will be cut and served with the sweet and savory dishes.
Everything is finally capped with all sizes and flavors of cakes and the quintessential fruit salad made from syrup-soaked tropicals and multi-colored nata de coco in condensed milk.
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