Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion

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Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion SPF 10, 200 ml
Item Number: FFS-0513
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Manufacturer's Product Information (as printed on the product packaging): Skin White Classic Lotion is now infused with the NEW Light-Feel Technology (LFT). It helps make skin visibly lighter and smoother- but WITHOUT the sticky, icky feeling. Now you won't just look lighter but you will FEEL lighter too! So go ahead, say goodbye to that sticky after-feel! Our new improved LIGHT feel formula is easily absorbed by the skin, and leaves it with a cooling sensation, making sure your skin is conditioned and made visibly fairer, the light way. And we didn't just stop there. Our lotion is also packed with Vitanourish Formula (Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E) that moisturizes and softens the skin, and SPF 10 that helps protect against the harmful rays from the sun.

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